The 6 Perks of Hiring a Driver

From the get-go, hiring a driver seems like a great idea. Sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the ride while somebody else makes sure you get there safely and on time—what could be better? It’s as good as you’d imagine it to be, but there are surprising perks to hiring a driver you may not have considered.

1. Stress Levels Decrease

It’s not just about not doing the driving; it’s much more than that. When you’re getting ready for a meeting, inevitably a few last-minute things come up you wish you had gotten done before having to leave. When you hire a driver, you throw those extra things in your briefcase and take care of them on your way—no loose ends to occupy your mind.

Getting a driver gives you time to catch up with colleagues, friends and family when you would normally be distracted by following your GPS, understanding detours and controlling your anger at other drivers. It’s proven the more you reach out to the people in your life, the happier and more fulfilled you feel. Can you feel your heart rate decreasing?

The best stress reliever of all is the freedom to let your mind rest wherever you want it to. You can meditate, practice that big speech, rehearse your marriage proposal or just look out and appreciate the view you normally can’t take time to admire.

2. You Get More Accomplished

Hiring a driver is like having a second one of you around. You get where you need to go but have the drive time as extra time to get things accomplished. You can send emails, texts and check things off your to-do list. Having the backseat to yourself allows for video chats and conference calls you would normally have to wait to take.

Too busy to do special occasion or holiday shopping? Not if you hire a driver. You can finally take time to peruse the internet and make all the purchases you haven’t had time for. Make the appointments for doctors, vets and mechanics you’ve been putting off because of your schedule. You can even catch up on your favourite streaming television shows if you’re behind.

3. Your Driver Is Dedicated to Your Goals

Unlike using a ridesharing service or carpooling with friends, when you hire a driver, they’re there to make sure your drive is everything you want it to be. Need to make a last-minute stop or feel like running in to grab a bite? Your driver will make every attempt to ensure you get where you need to go through whatever route you want to take.

When you hire a driver, you don’t need to feel bad about letting them know you have other stuff you need to get done or if you just want your commute to be a quiet one—they’re professionals and will respect your preferences. If you take a ridesharing car, you’re kind of at the mercy of the personality of the person driving you. It can be a nuisance when you need to work or just think.

4. Have a Drink or Two

If you’re out and you know you have to drive, it can cut a good time short, and nobody likes that. If you have a driver, you can imbibe as much as you’d like and if your friends or co-workers have one too many, you can offer them a ride, saving you all from possibly making a poor judgement call.

Many cars may even allow you to enjoy a drink in the back seat of a black car or limousine. You should always check first to make sure you don’t put the car service’s business in jeopardy. If you’re not having a cocktail, you can enjoy your morning coffee and muffin without worrying about ruining your suit.

5. Zero Driving Stress

Letting someone else drive you around, takes all the driving anxiety off your plate and you may not even realise the kinds of stress constantly flooding you when you drive around every day. The first stressor on our minds is where we’re going, if we’ll get there on time and what will happen when we get there—good, bad or indifferent. Will looking for parking make you even later? You don’t have to worry about that if you’re being dropped off in front.

Next, we have to worry about other drivers, and some of them do not understand what they’re doing. They go too slow, too fast, don’t signal, follow too close or stop too fast—let your driver deal with it. They’re pros, and they know how to get you wherever you’re going safely. When you’re driving, you’re also aware of police in case you push the boundaries of the posted speed limits.

You don’t have to worry about your car, your gas level, the windshield wipers, and whether they’re working properly. Did you get your registration renewed? Well, if you didn’t, not only do you not have to worry about it right now but you can take care of it online or make an appointment while you’re being driven to your destination.

6. Relax

We’re overworked and under-rested. Next time you’re on a plane, look around ten minutes in and see how many people are already asleep—it’s because we don’t have enough time to rest. If you’ve got someone driving you around—rest.

Sometimes it’s relaxing to rest your mind even if you can’t sleep. Kick your shoes off, close your eyes and just breathe. When’s the last time you had time to do that?

Make the Call

Once you’ve hired a professional driver for a special occasion, a trip to the airport or your daily commute, you’ll be hard-pressed to do it differently next time. You’ll find you’re able to do so many things your daily life doesn’t allow for; it will seem counterintuitive to go back to driving yourself.

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