9 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Ride to the Airport

Are you planning your next vacation or business trip? Airport Limousine and chauffeur services are the best way to get to and from the airport. The cost of a chauffeur is comparable to a taxi, but a chauffeur’s service is peerless. Chauffeur service will not only get you to the airport on time, but a professional and courteous driver will pick you up in a luxury vehicle, turning an otherwise stressful situation into a relaxing experience.

To get the best possible experience, however, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

While drivers will try their best to meet your time constraints, chauffeur services can get busy during peak seasons. Book a driver in advance if you have the opportunity to avoid having to make a last-minute scramble. Keep in mind that a ride to smaller airports may require arrangements in advance.

2. Don’t Provide an Inaccurate Pick Up Location

When you make arrangements for a pick-up, make sure that you know exactly where you will be picked up. We understand that it can be difficult to provide your location when you are visiting a city as a tourist or on business. Chauffeurs can pick up from hotels, resorts, homes, other airports, and tourist destinations. If you aren’t sure of a good pick-up location, ask your chauffeur service. Chances are they have already picked up many customers from your general location and can help you pick the right spot.

3. Don’t Forget to Check the Flight Time

Flight times are not set in stone and can change or be cancelled. It can be easy to save your flight time on your phone and then forget to check if any changes have been made. Flights can be delayed or transferred to another departure terminal only hours before the flight. Make sure to check your flight number for any changes the day before or the day of your flight. Although a chauffeur service cannot influence an airport or airline’s decision to change flights, most chauffeurs will help you if possible. We can make changes to your pick-up time and drop-off terminal to help you catch your flight or avoid an unnecessary trip.

4. Don’t Lose Your Driver’s Contact Info

You can always call your chauffeur service or driver with questions and directions. Keeping your service’s number and your driver’s number is important when you need to make a change or ask a question. Keep the chauffeur service number and driver’s number in your phone to make your pickup smoother.

5. Don’t Forget to Arrive Early for International Flights

Maybe you’ve cut it close to a domestic flight closing time and had no trouble arriving on time—but international flights are different. Security is often more strict for international flights, and the lines can grow exponentially. Arrive two or three hours early and follow the time allowance recommended by the airline to avoid missing your flight.

6. Don’t Leave Anything Behind

A chauffeur may be able to return to fetch something left behind, but they cannot give you back lost time. Turning back to get a piece of luggage when you are one kilometre from the pick-up location may be fine. When you are one kilometre from the airport, driving 30 or 40 minutes back might cause you to miss your flight.

7. Don’t Make Your Driver Wait

A professional and well-trained driver will wait without any complaints, but your flight will not. If your driver has to wait for you to gather your luggage for 20 or 30 minutes, you run the risk of missing your flight, and your driver can’t violate speeding laws to get you there more quickly.

8. Don’t Neglect Your Baggage

A chauffeur will do their best to get all of your luggage with you to the airport. Weigh your baggage before your driver arrives and make sure you follow your airline’s checked and carry on policies. You may not have time to go through your bags when you reach the airport, and you may be subject to baggage fees if you are over your weight limit. If you mistakenly brought a restricted item in your bag, you risk being told to leave it behind at the airport. When you hire a driver, it may not be as simple as leaving the item in your parked car.

9. Don’t Forget to Charge Your Phone in the Vehicle

If you are taking a long flight, charging your tablet or phone can in the vehicle is helpful. A charged device will provide you with entertainment on the flight and communication when you land. Chauffeur services choose comfortable luxury cars that often have chargers for all of your devices. If you find your phone is low when you get in the car, ask the driver if you can charge it before you arrive at the airport.

Chauffeur Service and Alternatives

A taxi or ride-hailing service like Uber can pick you up from your pick-up point and bring you to the airport, but choosing a chauffeur service has benefits. A chauffeur will pick you up in a luxury car and assist you with your luggage. The price of each service will be similar in most cases, but when using a ride-hailing service, you risk your ride being cancelled by the driver last minute. Taxi and ride-hailing service drivers can be very professional, but they are not trained to provide the perfect service like a chauffeur.

Book a Chauffeur for That Next Important Trip

The next time you need a ride to the airport, trust a service that puts your needs first. Ensure that you arrive at the airport on time with all of your needs met. Whether you are booking a flight for an event, business trip, or vacation, a professional chauffeur service will provide you with unmatched service.

Contact iChauffeur Melbourne for your next airport transfer, vacation or business trip.

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