Airport Transfers – What Separates Us From Other Chauffeur Companies?

Has your flight ever been delayed? Have you gotten stuck in customs for longer than expected? How long have you had to wait for your baggage to arrive? Sometimes touching down at the airport is not always so smooth sailing. We understand all the circumstances you might experience and are always aware of your arrival details.

Choosing the right chauffeur service in Melbourne can be tricky. With over 20 years of service and involvement with airport transfers, we are the experts in providing you with the excellent service you deserve. We assist many professionals that touch down in Melbourne Tullamarine and Avalon Airport get to their destinations.

This blog will answer a few frequently asked questions about airport transfers. As an experienced chauffeur company that Melbourne is very proud of, we hold high expectations for our airport transfer service. We understand issues that might prevent you from a quick exit out of customs. Tune in to read about more information that might help you feel calmer during these stressful transfers.

Do you track inbound flights?

We track your flights and their arrival times. We are able to check whether it is landed or delayed. Early, on time or late, we will be aware of these details. By providing your fight number upon booking, your chauffeur driver will track your arrival time and will adjust your pick up time accordingly. Melbourne chauffeur companies may have different ways of operating their airport transfers. We have always had a 100% successful rate at meeting the customer’s needs. We take initiative and problem solve along the way. Our drivers are always on time for pick up.

How do we find the driver on arrival?

Domestic or International, our chauffeur service will meet passengers at the exit from the customs arrival hall inside the airport terminal. Drivers will hold a signboard with your name on it and will wait next to the information desk. Our signs are reasonably sized and easy to spot. Melbourne airports can fill up with crowds, so if you’re unable to see your driver please give us a call on 1300 724 756 on an airport telephone box and we will locate the driver for you. The information desk is always a smart spot to go, as you will most likely meet your chauffeur driver there.

How long do you wait for passengers?

Our drivers will wait for 60 minutes before making further inquiries with the airline, customs or immigration. If we are unable to contact you, we will make 3 paging calls. If you are stuck in customs or baggage area for more than one hour please contact us to confirm for our driver to wait.

Most Melbourne chauffeurs will give a complimentary wait time of 60 minutes for airport pick-ups. We will stay in a terminal for up to 2 hours after you touchdown. We build a generous waiting time and parking cost to our airport pick up rates. Traveling can bring many challenges and strain to your energy. We do not want you worrying about your chauffeur leaving without you. We provide affordable and substantial waiting time for our customers.

Business at the airport normally does not exceed two hours, as the Australian System is quite efficient unless something is seriously wrong. If this does happen, do not stress. Simply call us on our 1300 number mentioned above on any payphone at the airport. We are always on the line to receive your calls. If we do not hear from you after two hours we will charge the trip as a no-show.

Understandably, in some situations you where you are unable to reach a working phone in the airport and are finally able to contact us after two hours, we will call our chauffeur to return. This will be treated as a new journey. For private flights, rates may vary depending on arrival time.

How long is the trip between the airport and Melbourne CBD?

The total trip time between airport terminal and CBD takes around 30-40 minutes from Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport and 60-80 minutes from Avalon Airport. Please keep in mind that these times depend on the time of day and traffic conditions. It may also take longer if there is road works or a public transport strike. You can call us on the day to check for these delays. We are up to date with road works, etc. and will let you know if extra time is needed.

What if I need to make a cancellation?

If you have booked an airport pick up and need to cancel, you must notify our booking centre via email 24 hours before landing. Sufficient cancellation time is requested or the cost of the journey will be charged. For further information, please call us on 1300 724 756 for a direct answer to your question.

Can you pick up passengers from multiple flights for the same booking?

No, we only deal with one flight number per booking. We give you our full attention and service. We guarantee high-class chauffeur service for your flight arrival time and are understanding towards many different circumstances you could face before exiting. By dealing with one flight number, we eliminate further complications. Our Melbourne chauffeurs are dedicated to getting you to your destination in a timely manner without extra waiting time.

How close to my flight can I make a booking?

For domestic flights, bookings are excepted when flight time is communicated at least 2-3 hours before you depart. For international flights, we request up to 4-5 hours before flight time, as passengers are required to arrive for check-in at least 2 hours before departure.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking, call us on 1300 724 756 (locally) or +61 425 852 628 (internationally). Secondly, you can also email us on [email protected]

Most people prefer to give us a call, as communication is quick and easy over the phone. If you have any inquiries or need to add further details, send us an email. We give speedy replies!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa Card, and American Express. Cash is also accepted with prior agreement.
Melbourne Airport Transfers

iChauffeur covers every flight in and out of Melbourne’s Tullamarine and Avalon Airports, along with any other small airfields by agreement. We cover airport transfers with our Luxury Cars, Limousines, and People Movers. Our Luxury People Movers are equipped to cater for wheelchairs and are big enough for 6-7 people, plus luggage.

Adding on, our limo service is rated number 1 in the industry. An airport limo service has a price range that is very close if not the same as taxi fare. The big difference is the service. Our luxury car service is far from the average cab facility. Once you have tried our Melbourne Airport Limo, you will never go back to a tax cab or Uber car again.

We look forward to your bookings. We have drivers on stand-by waiting to assist your airport transfers needs at all times of the year. Our service is number one in Melbourne for a reason. It ticks all the boxes a luxurious airport service should have and is kept at the highest standard. Our customers are the priority. For those first-timers, welcome! For those returning, we look forward to seeing you again!

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