What Can a Chauffeur Service Do for Your Business?

Seamlessness. This is our one-word answer to what iChauffeur Melbourne provides for your business. When asked this question, it is tempting to say “cars for hire” or even a clichéd “exceeding expectations.” But we strive instead to be a seamless connection between places our passengers need to be.

Consider the Tone-Setting Client Scenario

When an important client (or prospect) flies in to visit your facilities, the ride from the airport can be a continuation of the travel hustle: more queues, shuttles and taxis, and reciting unfamiliar destination addresses. Or, it can be the transition to the tone you want to be set for the meeting.

A well-dressed, professional driver recognises your client based on the picture you provided. He greets the client by name, carries/stows their luggage, and invites them into an understated, but impeccably clean late-model Mercedes-Benz. Inside, the client finds a “welcome” tray, including the local newspaper, local souvenirs, light refreshments, and the meeting’s agenda packet with a handwritten note welcoming him to town.

The driver texts you their ETA. He then glides away from the curb, following the route planned that morning, considering timing, traffic, and your recommendations on sites a visitor might like to pass on the way. He mentions he will be happy to deliver the client’s luggage directly to the hotel, then provides his card so that your client can summon him when the meeting finishes.

The client arrives at your office refreshed, feeling appreciated, and ready to for the grand tour. At the end of his trip, the same (now familiar) car and driver will return him to the airport.


Communicate Importance

A chauffeur service is more than just a car and driver: In a sea of transportation options, it is a vehicle that is there specifically for you. iChauffeur Melbourne maintains a fleet of more than 100 cars, allowing you to choose one that meets your individual needs. Crisp sedans for business meetings, black-tie town cars for a theatre date, even luxury vans for your school reunion winery tour.

You and your passengers are, of course, seen exiting/entering a prestigious vehicle. On the inside, you get to enjoy all the comforts and tranquility of a luxury automobile. The ultimate luxury is someone else driving for you, then waiting nearby until ready to move to your next destination.

People you treat well tend to hold you in higher regard. Providing transportation can be an extension of you, your business, and your brand. Treating clients and VIPs to chauffeur services increases the regard with which they hold each of these.

Reduce Stress and Workload

Seamlessness goes beyond the luxury and style of your ride, to the fact that you are transported door-to-door of your destinations. No digging for your car keys, no searching for parking or having to remember garage floor numbers, no having to keep track of a valet ticket. A quick text summons your car when you are ready to return home.

Additionally, your driver does more than just drive. As a professional, he (or she) is trained first to consider your safety. He also takes an active role in planning your routes, considering travel times, traffic, route options, and the best locations for drop-offs and pick-ups.

He will also work with whatever communication is best for you. Do you prefer to text or call? Would you prefer to work entirely of a pre-determined schedule, with no interaction beyond that? Would you like the driver to monitor your flight’s arrival time? How about meeting you inside the airport or waiting at the curb? Your driver will adjust to meet your needs and preferences.

Create Time

It is more than just “saving” time. A chauffeur service rescues time you never realised you lost.

First, consider the time you spend transporting yourself. Not just the driving, but the scheduling, route planning, locating parking, and moving to-and-from parking spots and your actual destination. Add up these bits and pieces, and you have a significant chunk of time. A car and driver recaptures all of this.

Second, think about the time you actually spend in a car. Not just driving, but waiting at intersections, in traffic, and navigating construction detours. Instead of driving, this time becomes yours. Tackle your email backlog. Make important calls. Read critical documents. Prep for the next meeting.

Finally, ponder the time you lose decompressing from the stress of driving. A chauffeur service means you can recoup that time and focus on priorities that matter more than trying to recover from the road.

Chauffeur Services Understand Your Transportation Logistics

iChauffeur Melbourne’s large fleet of vehicles means we can help match the right vehicle for your changing needs. A VIP press-tour arrival might call for the flashiness or a Porsche or the top-end luxury of a Rolls Royce. A conference requiring many individual airport trips might call for several sedans. A facility tour might require one or two large vans.

In addition to delivering top-quality, prestigious cars and drivers, we can serve as an ad-hoc transportation logistics extension of your business. We can coordinate the entire fleet, handling the scheduling, route-planning, driver coordination, and dispatching. This includes interfacing with your team to communicate successful pick-ups/drop-offs and on-the-fly fleet adjustments when inevitable surprises pop up. We will even arrange to place our coordinator in your events “operations centre” to ensure immediate response to your needs.

Our transportation expertise frees you up to focus on the myriad other aspects of organising an amazing event.

In the End, Seamlessness

You might need just one car for one ride, or a whole fleet at your disposal. Whether your business seeks to project prestige, pamper a VIP, free up an executive’s transportation time, or move an entire event’s worth of attendees, a chauffeur service is a solution worth investigating.

Our entire focus at iChauffeur Melbourne is to be a projection of your business. From our extensive collection of vehicles to our highly-professional, conscientious drivers, to our detail-focused ability to interface with your team’s specific transportation needs, we seek to make our service seamless.

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