Why Chauffeur Cars Are Worth Every Dollar You Spend

When some people think chauffeur, they think ‘super expensive, ‘unnecessary’ and ‘I can just get a cab.’ Sure, a taxi cab is cheaper than a professionally driven chauffeur car, but is it the same level of service? Definitely not. You get what you pay for, and what you get when you order a taxi cab, Uber or Lyft, is not very life changing. It is also isn’t much of a reliable service as is when you hire a professional who’s only job is to look after you. In terms of cars, a chauffeur car is kept to its highest standard always in order to ensure the clients are travelling in complete comfort and luxury. Popular choices of vehicles that many people opt for when hiring such a service include:

The Luxury Holden Caprice

  • Australia’s own long wheel based sedan, this car designed as a grand tourer has the most leg room in the rear of any vehicle in its class.
  • The caprice comfortably seats 3 to 4 adults with room for 3 large cases in the boot

Luxury Mercedes Mini Bus

  • Designed with luxury group transport in mind, the seating in this vehicle allows for extra leg room
  • There is an on board 240V power unit to allow easy charging of any computers, phones and tablet devices
  • The mini bus is fitted with a dual screen DVD in the rear, perfect entertainment for long drives and carries a fridge to keep beverages chilled during the day or night

The Mercedes Viano

  • Most popular colour choice is black and midnight blue
  • Adds the versatility of extra seating capabilities and extra luggage space without any loss to luxury and comfort.
  • Aimed at combining the space and flexibility of a people carrier with the attributes of a luxury saloon
  • Very popular with wedding parties, funeral entourage vehicles, sightseeing tours, wine tours, events promoters, corporate industry and more
  • A very high percentage of corporate clients would rather arrive in luxury people movers than stretch Limo’s.

BMW 7 series

  • The spacious interior offered by the BMW 7 Series long version gives an extra 14 centimetres in increased leg room while the roofline redesign provides additional headroom.
  • The cockpit design is straightforward–not chaotic and cluttered–with streamlined dash shapes, densely grained wood trim and ceramic-finished knobs.
  • The 7 Series boasts individually adjustable seats, extended rear air conditioning and back seat entertainment further enhance it’s modern ambience.

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