Driver vs Chauffeur — Is There Really a Difference?

Hiring someone to transport you can be a stressful endeavour. Concerns such as whether the driver (or chauffeur) knows the area or whether the vehicle will be clean are common concerns amongst people hiring a driver’s service. The level of professionalism in a driver goes a long way to put a passenger’s mind at ease. Putting their best effort into minor details like their dress and demeanour can tell a client a lot about how a driver will handle their vehicle.

Some drivers go above and beyond the standard service of transporting a client. For these drivers, the level of service extends so far past getting their rider from point A to point B that they can’t simply be called a driver. This is where we draw the line between a standard driver and a chauffeur. At iChauffeur, we stress the difference between simply being a driver of a vehicle and providing excellent service to our clients before, during, and after their ride. So, let’s take a look at what sets a chauffeur apart from other drivers in who are in the industry.


While both a driver and a chauffeur are required to be professionals behind the wheel, the skills of a chauffeur must extend beyond this point. A chauffeur’s training goes further than just driving a vehicle around. A chauffeur must be proficient in customer service and have a sufficient amount of knowledge about both their city’s routes and its history. At iChauffeur, our drivers know Melbourne not just because they’ve been trained on it, but because they’re a part of it. Whether they grew up here or have lived here for years, we don’t let an iChauffeur driver get behind the wheel unless they know Melbourne inside and out.

Unlike a standard driver, the vetting process for a chauffeur can be more demanding, and not all who can drive can be a chauffeur. While our chauffeurs are extensively trained in customer service, they are initially selected for their innate enthusiasm for service and professionalism. This is the ultimate dividing line between being called a driver and being called a chauffeur.


While most drivers drive a fleet vehicle that is provided to them, they may or may not be taking the best care of it, and the company may not necessarily be keeping the best of tabs on the vehicle’s maintenance. Chauffeur providers are high-end operations with substantial attention to detail in areas like vehicle inspections and driver accountability. At iChauffeur, we keep constant accountability on vehicle maintenance and cleanliness, and we ensure our fleet is always in top condition for our clients.

Our vehicles have been chosen specifically for their level of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Be sure to take a look at our fleet, which features over 150 vehicles for a wide range of purposes.


Chauffeurs, unlike drivers, often adhere to a strict dress code. A chauffeur’s dress typically includes a pressed suit (often a tuxedo), polished shoes, driving gloves, and – although it’s less common today – a hat that is often considered to be part of a traditional chauffer’s uniform. A chauffeur’s uniform is intended to portray the level of professionalism he or she brings to the table.


While a driver’s knowledge of the city they work in must be sharp, a chauffer’s expertise extends to his knowledge of the city’s history, local attractions, restaurants, and other highlights. A chauffeur is, in some ways, a mobile concierge. The drivers at iChauffeur are no different. They are hand-selected as experts of Melbourne and on top of their skills as drivers. They can show you the city with a level of expertise unparalleled by a standard driving service.

As with any chauffer service, we focus on bringing the best experience to our customers, which means we get you to where you’re going on time, safely, and with a level of comfort and prestige that promises to deliver.

Amenities And Accommodations

Another great aspect of a chauffeur is that the experience can be tailored to your needs. Unlike a driver who works on a set schedule with minimal resources, a chauffeur caters the experience to you. Amenities like WiFi and cold beverages can be requested and provided through iChauffeur. If you prefer a different route, this can be accommodated. If you find you have extra time and would like to take the scenic route, that can be accommodated as well.

Chauffeurs personalize the service to the client’s needs, ensuring the experience is about more than just getting to a destination. That is why so many people prefer the services of a chauffeur, and that is why so many people in Melbourne choose iChauffeur.


Whereas a driver works on a schedule, a chauffeur only has one schedule – yours. Whether it’s a trip from the airport in the middle of the night, or a wine tour on the weekend, a chauffeur stands by for you and your party. Regardless of the time of day or the day of the week, a driver can be scheduled at iChauffeur. Need a last minute ride? That’s not a problem either. It can’t be stressed enough that the chauffeur’s time is your time; they wouldn’t be a chauffeur if they couldn’t pick you up at any time you need them.


The differences between a driver and a chauffeur are subtle, but it makes all the difference to the client who demands the most out of their dollar when it comes to transportation services. If you’re just looking to get to your destination by any means necessary, then a driver could very well be what you require.

However, if you’re looking for more out of the experience, the next time you’re considering hiring a professional driver, make sure you choose a chauffeur to meet your needs for class and customer service. At iChauffeur, we put customer service before everything else, and we ensure your experience will be heads above any experience that would otherwise simply get you from point A to point B.

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