Impressing A High End Client

According to an age-old saying: ‘First impression is the last impression’. This statement certainly holds true if you are planning to meet a client at a business meeting. It goes pretty much without saying that impressing client is a daunting task these days. No matter how hard you try, your clients will always find a way of disliking you.

The significance of impressing a client cannot be taken for granted. All of us want to secure business, right? Whenever you go out to meet your clients, you are representing your company. So, you need to ensure that the interaction with client goes well.

Of late, brand image has gained a lot of prominence. Brands are investing heavily in getting the logos made. The office spaces are also renovated quite frequently in order to make the office surroundings look fresh and appealing. The idea is to make the client realize that you ‘belong’ to the business. A book is never judged by its cover, but contrary to this belief, a business house is always judged by its ambience.

Some of you might disagree, but hiring a personal chauffeur is a great way of creating an everlasting impression on your clients.

Imagine this: You step out of a luxury sedan that is being driven by a chauffeur. You ask your chauffeur to park the car nearby because your meeting would take less than an hour. You turn and see your client waiting for you with a smile on his face. Now, that’s what you call an impression. It’s very much intangible in nature, but you know that it is there. The way you arrive makes a world of a difference because it’s the very first impression that you are going to have on your client. It’s important on your part to make the most of it because, as they say: ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a second impression.’

This approach can come in handy if you are planning to meet a client. As a senior public relations professional, you can pick your client in a luxury sedan that is being driven by a chauffeur. Once the client is comfortably seated, you can then share a few light-hearted conversations before getting started with your usual business talks.

There’s one more thing that you can do. If your client is staying at a hotel, then you can send a chauffeured vehicle to pick the client up from the hotel and get him to the venue. This can be done as a gesture of goodwill. This act of yours will highlight the fact that the needs of your guests and clients are met. It also showcases that ‘you care.’ Going the extra mile in order to cater to the needs of your guests and clients can help you win over your client.  At times, just a small gesture of goodwill helps you secure a million-dollar business deal.

Getting to the venue happens to be quite a problem in the morning.  It can be overwhelming for some clients. The traffic is at its peak and finding a taxi is difficult. Under such circumstances, you can put all your commuting worries to rest by hiring a chauffeured vehicle. Your experience is abound to be luxurious. Everything, right from the seats to  the car fragrance will please you. A chauffeured vehicle redefines comfort and luxury. It is an experience like no other.

Here are some more reasons to choose chauffeured vehicles

  1. It helps you make a statement

Booking a chauffeur and hiring a taxi are two different things. If you send a chauffeured vehicle to pick your client, then he’ll feel valued. Providing your clients with a luxurious experience not only creates a unique style statement, but also ensures a highly positive word-of-mouth publicity for you as well as your company.

  1. Nothing works like luxury

Hiring a taxi provides a person with a simple pick and drop facility, but hiring a chauffeured vehicle provides your client with a luxurious experience. There’s a stark difference between a Volkswagon and a Mercedes. Hiring a chauffeur is not just about convenience, it’s also about the experience that cannot be described in words. A client sitting in a Mercedes S Class will carry a luxurious experience with himself after he deboards the vehicle.

  1. It speaks volumes about your company’s financial health

Hiring a chauffeur and asking him to go and pick up your clients is indeed a grand gesture. It showcases that your company keeps professionalism at the heart of whatever it does. Also, it speaks volumes about your company’s financial  health. Well, you can’t expect a company having an annual turnover of US$100,000 to send a limousine and a chauffeur to pick up a client, can you? No, of course you can’t.  Only the companies having adequate financial resources at their disposal can afford to do that.

  1. Chauffeur services can be customized

A luxurious vehicle ensures that your clients get only the best possible transportation service. Your clients can chill out and relax while the journey is underway. Also, you can ask for a few add-ons if you like in order to take the experience a notch higher. If you’re booking a chauffeured vehicle for a high-end business client, then sending a vehicle having a Wi-Fi facility is definitely a great idea. Clients look for value-added benefits in vehicles. Furthermore, you can also tailor a vehicle according to your client’s needs. Keeping a newspaper that is frequently read by your client is an awesome idea.

  1. Cost isn’t an issue

Hiring a chauffeured vehicle won’t cost you much. The list of companies providing affordable chauffeured vehicles for hire is endless. It means that hiring a reliable chauffeured-vehicle won’t end up creating a hole in your pocket. There are companies which provide vehicles on affordable hourly rates.

  1. Chauffeurs are very much reliable

Ah, now that’s the best part. Unlike a taxi driver, serving the customer happens to be a chauffeur’s duty. He will do whatever he needs to in order to make the customer feel satisfied. Customer satisfaction forms the heart and soul of a chauffeur’s job.

Let us take an example:

A taxi driver will pick you up from the spot and drop you at your destination, and that will be the end of it. He will not make an effort to go beyond the line of duty in order to make you feel satisfied and comfortable. He’s just bothered about dropping you at your destination as quickly as he can. On the other hand, a chauffeur would maintain his car in the best way possible in order to impress his clients. There are some chauffeured vehicles that even provide the riders with complimentary meals.

  1. Lastly, a Chauffeur is skilled

Those who own a chauffeured vehicle would be well aware of the pleasures the experience brings along. A chauffeur isn’t your regular driver. He is someone who has been hired because of his exceptional driving skills. Furthermore, chauffeurs are aware of the routes within the city in which they operate. Moving on, they are trained enough to avoid accidents. Now, that is what we call safety.

Additionally, here are a few things that form the heart of a chauffeur’s profession

  • Focus

Chauffeurs are focused. It means that they are less likely to be distracted by the events that are taking place around them. No, it does not mean that all chauffeurs are stone-faced. It simply means that they do their work diligently.

  • Planning

Let us take another example. Suppose,  you are travelling in a limousine and,  out of nowhere,  you experience a flat-tyre situation.  Now,  a chauffeur always keeps spare tyres handy in order to avoid delays. Also,  a chauffeur is a knowledgeable person who can fix a lot of car problems himself.

  • Far-sightedness

A chauffeur always has a plan-B in mind.  If there is too much traffic on the road,  then he will use Google Maps to look for routes that are less congested. No matter how bad the road conditions are.  He’ll find a way to counter them,  always.

So,  looking at all the aforementioned examples,  it will be no overstatement to say that hiring a chauffeured vehicle is your best bet if you wish to create an everlasting impression on your clients.

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