Last Minute Chauffeur Hire

This service is only available for passenger pick ups within Melbourne CBD.

iChauffeur Melbourne offers a full and proper chauffeur service where you can book a Hire Car at a moments notice.

Ideal for those who find themselves in need of urgent transportation but like the idea of a chauffeur car over a regular taxi service etc.

Please understand that iCHAUFFEUR MELBOURNE is not offering this service as direct competition to a regular taxi service but more as an alternative. We have been constantly asked by our loyal customers to provide a “Last minute” service so we took a serious look at it. Our cars cross the city continuously throughout the day it makes perfect sense to us, we can pick you up where ever you happen to be or need us to be.

It's not just the destination, It's the Journey...

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All Bookings can be made online or by calling our 1300 724 756 service number. 

 Our staff can help you by dispatching our urgent cars directly to your pickup point in the city and take you to your chosen destination. We will let you know where the nearest car is from your location and expected ETA.

Chauffeur Servicing All Of Victoria With Vehicles Ranging From The Holden Caprice To The Bentley Flying Spur And More

All last minute requests are always prioritised with our ongoing commitment to our regular clients on a global enquiry level.
From Luxury affordable sedan’s to European to Our people movers to minivan coaches are all taylored to your request.
Flexibility and assured commitment to serving you and your guests at all times, this is our guarantee to you at all times.

“If it weren’t for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn’t get done.”

- Mr. Michael S Taylor

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