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If you are looking for a chauffeur in Melbourne, iChauffeur is the place to turn. ICM has been providing service for over 20 years for weddings, concerts, wine tours, and trips to the airport. The staff includes only the highest-quality professional drivers, and the fleet contains over 150 luxury vehicles serving the Melbourne area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer service is a priority at iChauffeur Melbourne, and the service strives to provide clients with the best possible service each time.

What Is iChauffeur Melbourne?

iChauffeur Melbourne is a luxury driving company servicing the Melbourne area in Australia. Since all iChauffeur Melbourne drivers are trained, certified, and insured, you can be confident in knowing you are in the best possible hands for your driving experience. The fleet only features the newest model vehicles and updates constantly. As a licensed operation for over 20 years, iChauffeur Melbourne takes you where you need to go safely, on time, and in style.

Through their variety of luxury vehicles, spanning from sedans and SUVs to vans and busses, iChauffeur Melbourne aims to ensure you experience your trip in a comfortable and stress-free environment. With this service, you never have to worry about flagging down a cab, packing too many people into a small sedan, or getting a ride from an unprofessional stranger. iChauffeur Melbourne is the number one chauffeur service in the Melbourne area for a reason – the drivers are professional, the vehicles are high-quality, and the mission is to provide you with the best driving experience possible!

What Is iChauffeur Melbourne’s Mission?

The organization’s mission is to reinvigorate the way people envisage the chauffeur car industry. To accomplish this goal, iChauffeur Melbourne aims to provide only the highest quality service, features only the newest and best vehicles, and demonstrates the massive benefits of choosing their service over other competitors with every driving service occasion.

Why Should You Use iChauffeur Melbourne’s Services For Your Driving Needs?

iChauffeur Melbourne not only provides the best service–they also go above and beyond the general expectations of a car service. Besides all of their drivers being trained and insured, iChauffeur Melbourne constantly monitors flight schedules, timetables, and traffic, so you don’t have to. All drivers have an intimate knowledge of the area and are more than willing to give you advice on where to eat, drink, visit or stay in Melbourne.

The service is perfect for any occasion, including business trips, weddings, tours, funerals, and almost anywhere a ride is needed. The large fleet and wide range of luxury vehicles allow iChauffeur Melbourne to accommodate almost any need upon request–including last-minute services and large parties. If you choose iChauffeur Melbourne, you know one of their professional drivers will be waiting for you on time and ready to ensure that you have a stress-free and relaxing trip. We are confident you will not be disappointed with this service!

iChauffeur also has a proven track record of success and high-quality customer service for over 20 years, with one customer saying, “iChauffeur was an amazing company to deal with! Maddy K looked after us on the day and provided us with extra added touches. I initially went to book with another company but [the competitor company was] rude on the phone and also by email. Maddy K and his team, however, were so professional and accommodating! I would highly recommend iChaufeur!”

Their drivers will never get distracted or stressed in traffic, and are always polite and punctual. They boast an unbeatable 97% satisfaction rate in the Melbourne area. They are dedicated, inspired, and committed to offering an impeccable chauffeur car and limo hire service accompanied by an unforgettable experience.

What Makes iChauffeur Melbourne The Best In The Business?

iChauffeur Melbourne rises well above the competition by not only being a certified driving service with trained drivers but also by always putting the customer first. Unlike other services, your driver is always willing to assist you with anything they can to make sure you have the best experience. This includes always having a phone on hand you can borrow for free domestic calls under two minutes and international and long phone calls at a reasonable rate, constantly monitoring your schedule to ensure your timelines and safety, and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the Melbourne area.

While other companies keep cars in service for the longest workable time, iChauffeur makes sure every car in their fleet is clean, modern, and luxurious. iChauffeur does not cut corners and offers a wide variety of vehicles to always accommodate you with the best service possible. iChauffeur Melbourne does not just say the customer comes first–they also mean it. One user said, “The service I received was second to none. Everything was perfect right down to the last detail, extremely punctual, friendly, and accommodating drivers. I will definitely be using iChauffeur again soon.”

iChauffeur is a family-owned, small, local business that relies on repeat customers and positive word of mouth to grow. The growth and success of this company demonstrate the high-quality with which it operates. iChauffeur Melbourne will never be complacent about commitment to excellence and hope this shows through to you on your next occasion for driving!

How To Engage iChauffeur Melbourne’s Services?

If you are interested in booking a pickup or event through this service, just go to and either call or follow the steps provided. If you still do not believe iChauffeur Melbourne is the best alternative to other driving services in the Melbourne area, visit the Facebook page for more user testimonials and experiences at iChauffeur Melbourne is committed to offering the highest quality experience you can find for your next drive in the Melbourne area!


If you are looking for safe, punctual, and knowledgeable drivers in the Melbourne area, contact iChauffeur at your earliest convenience to ensure your next driving need is met promptly, professionally, and precisely. Once again, iChauffeur Melbourne drivers are available at all hours seven days a week and accept most major credit cards and cash if arranged. We hope you join the community of people who know iChauffeur Melbourne to be the best chauffeur service and experience in the Melbourne area.

We look forward to driving you soon!

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