Smart Travel Planning – Advantages of hiring our private chauffeur service

If you like your trips clearly planned out and value knowledgeable locals who love to share Melbourne’s unique hidden treasures, then our chauffeured service is the way to go. We will discuss how your first step is a click away on our website where you’ll find an easy and simple booking experience. Chauffeur hire in Melbourne is often easily misinterpreted as an expensive high-class method of transport used by the corporate world. However, we will explore why this is not the case, answering some questions you may have when choosing a chauffeur company to assist with your travel needs. Lastly, we dive into our principals and community links. Trends continuously change and today the trend is clear – support local businesses.

Our Website

How does our website ease the booking experience?

Find the booking experience pleasantly simple. Option one, you can simply attach your details, pick up date, address, drop off address and extra notes to your booking request. One of our staff will give you a speedy reply. We make an effort to get back to you in a timely manner, so you can get on with your plans. There is an opportunity to connect with us on every page! Booking experiences that leave pleasant memories is one reason why our customers choose to return.

If you are planning your holiday in advanced, an email thread may be in your best interest. We reply in detail, carefully considering your inquiries, answering straight to the point. With chauffeur companies, in many cases email threads are not the popular choice because customers seldom get their questions answers on the first reply. Your time is valuable to us. We are proud to put care into communicating clearly with our clienteles.

Another popular way of booking is to give us a ring! We’ve got a strong presence over the phone and have people ready to receive your inquiries on the other side of the line. Sometimes if you are busy and need to make a speedy booking or quickly enquire, communication through email threads can be less efficient and often exhausting. Find our contact details when you scroll down to the bottom of our website on any page. We can be contacted locally or internationally.

What additional information can you find?

You can find information about our services, our fleet and pricing. Get to know us by exploring the ‘about’ section online where you can find details regarding upcoming events, testimonials, our team experts, FAQs, recommended events and our blog. Our blog provides a forum that answers frequently asked questions and jumps into trending topics about chauffeur services. This will interest all people planning chauffeured car hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We are constantly updating and improving our website and services. Customer feedback and reviews play a big part in our growth as Melbourne’s leading chauffeur company.

Why do our customers value us?

We aim to provide high quality service with every trip, creating positive relationships and life changing journeys. We offer a large number of services, a few examples are airport transfers, personal car hire, family trips, corporate hire, weddings, concert hire, limousine service, wine tours and last minute bookings. Jump on our website to see the full list of services we offer.

Our fleet has something for everyone. From luxury sedans providing extra room, adjustable seats and versatility, to sport cars and limousines. In addition, our mini bus vehicles are perfect for traveling in groups with facilities to charge your devices, entertainment options, cold beverages and much more set at an affordable price. Trusted chauffeurs who put safety first and focus on providing you with a fulfilling experience drive our fleet. These are a few reasons why iChauffeur is the best chauffeur service in Melbourne.

Smart Spending

Why benefit from choosing our professional chauffeur service?

As a traveler, you deserve to know that taxis or companies like Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi, etc. may not always be the most affordable choice of transportation. Avoid the uncertain waiting time, the ticking meter and the longer routes. Avoid surge pricing and inflated fares during high demand and peak hours. The increased level of trip cancelations by ‘private car’ transportation drivers has sparked questions regarding the reliability and credibility of this method.

The question asked today is, how can we save money by making better choices when spending? Make the most of your money and book with us for an instant quote on a service that suits you. Steer clear of unexpected fairs. Get to your destination on time and ready for action! When traveling, more and more people look to discover the local culture and destinations unique to a country. You could decide to investigate this on public transport. However, for many first timers Melbourne’s Metro system can be tricky to manoeuver in an instant. The extra time it consumes to walk to the station, wait time in between services, changes between train to tram or bus, not to mention the possibility of getting lost on the way. A chauffeured car is the perfect opportunity to save precious time, relax and uncover what’s hot locally. Spend less time getting to a destination and more time enjoying it.

Venture around multicultural Melbourne. Discover new cuisines and activities. Embrace indigenous art and history. Experience the lively social hubs, sizzling sport and artistic events. Travel beyond to explore Victoria’s beautiful national parks and reserves. Our chauffeurs are delighted to suggest places that might suit your interest. They are tuned to Victoria’s dynamically growing towns and suburbs. They are tuned to Melbourne’s seasonal events and entertainment.

Connect with one of our booking agents to discuss your plans and type of vehicle. We listen to our customers and are opened to discuss budget matters with you. When researching a business or company, you read the reviews. On our website in testimonials, you’ll find references from customers who have put their trust in iChauffeur for many years.

Our Community

What are our priorities?

Respect and effective communication between customer and chauffeur is a priority. Our professionals are highly educated and respectable members of the chauffeur community. We are always understanding and flexible to your needs. We value unity through our diversity. Our company promotes an open-minded mentality, respecting the individual differences that build our strong team. With the variety of skills and characters on board working towards a goal, we are one. Our staff are able to problem solve along the way to ensure you are looked after till your journeys end. Now this isn’t something you get when you travel by cab, Uber or public transport.

How do we support our local communities?

Firstly, we acknowledge the importance of a strong bond between local businesses and community. It’s our responsibility to give back and support each other. Therefore, we prioritise building life-long relationships.

Currently we service 200 companies including another 70 offshore. We work together by promoting each other and developing partnerships. A few of our recent connections are Swisse promotions, Gurner developments and Auspol, giving away 100 chauffeur transfers every year. We are continuously growing, making more connections across Australia and worldwide.

We will always give back by putting our financial interests back into our communities, contributing to causes such as, Ambulance Australia Victoria Police, White Ribbon Foundation, Surf Life Saving Australia and the Women’s Australian Football League. We value integrity with each interaction and have developed trust and confidence with our customers and communities.


Choosing iChauffeur, a proud family owned business that is highly regarded, with 27 years of local and global industry experience is the smart way to indulge in all that Australia has to offer. We have a strong force in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and now Perth with a growing number of returning private and corporate customers.

We cover all of Melbourne’s surrounding suburbs such as, Hiedelberg, Ivanhoe, Clifton Hill, Melbourne CBD, Preston, Brunswick, Prahran, Altona, Brighton, Blackburn, Box Hill, Ringwood, Knox City, Springvale, Williamstown, Sunshine, Airport West and others. We also provide transport to and from country Victoria all the way to Sydney.

So if you’re planning a trip, get affordable and professional chauffeur services with iChauffeur. Reap all the advantages mentioned above. Be content that your contributions support Australian businesses. Connect with us today.

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