10 Reasons & Occasions To Hire A Chauffeur

Hiring a chauffeur may seem like a luxury, but it is a routine practice for many people. Whether you are going to a special event or you simply want to enjoy time with your friends and family without worrying about traffic, hiring a chauffeur can offer a practical transportation solution.

Common Reasons to Hire A Chauffeur

There are too many reasons to hire a car service and driver for us to list here. However, these are some of the most common ones.

Hauling Cargo

If your everyday vehicle is perfect for city driving but won’t carry your family’s luggage, then a car service is a great option. Vehicles like minivans and SUVs allow you to load up your family and cargo without compromising comfort. This is especially convenient for trips to and from the airport.


You can’t really appreciate a sightseeing tour if you’re the one driving. Even if it’s in your home city, there is still plenty to see. Hiring a chauffeur lets you keep your attention on the surrounding scenery instead of on the road so you can really enjoy it. The range of vehicles available to hire also means you can take a group tour comfortably without cramming everyone into your everyday car.

Avoiding Traffic

If you know there will be traffic, and you really don’t want to deal with it. A chauffeured car can help. The driver will focus on road conditions and other drivers while you go have a chance to relax or get some work done. Plus, professional drivers know the roads and normal driving conditions, so they will make sure to get you to your destination on time.

Making a Statement

It might sound shallow, but let’s face it–showing up in a chauffeured car can be impressive. You’ll make a statement when you show up for a date or special anniversary in a hired car. It can show the person you’re with that they are special enough that you want to give them your undivided attention.

Hiring a driver can have the same effect on a potential business client. It will show them that you are interested enough in working with them to invest in a car service and that you have taken steps to ensure you can work uninterrupted even while moving between places.

Staying Safe

Whether you want to enjoy several glasses of wine with dinner or you’re headed to a bachelor party where you know you’ll have a few too many, you want to make sure you don’t get behind the wheel after drinking. Having a chauffeured car at the ready means you won’t even be tempted to get behind the wheel. It will help keep you, your friends and family, and innocent people on the roads safe.

Times You Should Use a Chauffeured Car Service

A chauffeured car service is common in the world of business. Many people also consider them normal for special occasions like weddings. But there are also more routine times when taking a chauffeured car service makes more sense than driving yourself. Here are five times when you should consider hiring a chauffeured car service.


For people who love music and attending live concerts, a car service is a definite must. You will arrive at the concert relaxed and ready to go when your driver simply drops you off at the entrance before searching for a parking space.

Nothing can ruin a great concert event like sitting in traffic for an hour as you wait to leave the venue. Instead, imagine walking out from the stadium to see your car running and waiting, the driver standing nearby ready to open your door. All you have to do is climb in, sit back, and relax as you recap the night’s entertainment with your friends.

Special Anniversaries

An anniversary is a reason to celebrate, not argue over traffic. You can enjoy each other’s company in comfort and let someone else navigate city streets when you hire a driver and car for the evening. You will arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to truly enjoy yourselves–and each other.

Airport Trips

Airport parking can be a hassle. Between carting luggage to the terminal to shuttle busses and parking fees, sometimes parking at the airport just doesn’t seem worth it. That is especially true once you realise how easy it is to hire a chauffeured car to take you there and pick you up on your return.

Hiring a car service to and from the airport is also a great way to greet potential business clients arriving by air. You can have a car service pick them up and take them to their hotel or the office without interrupting your day.

Winery Tours

Taking a tour of local wineries can make for a fun and relaxing afternoon as long as you remember that you shouldn’t drive after trying all those samples of wine. Hiring a chauffeur to make sure you and your friends are safe is a great way to enjoy the local flavour without worrying about who will play the role of a designated driver.

So, go ahead, gather some friends and enjoy a day of wine tasting, knowing your driver will ensure that everyone makes it safely to their homes when the tour is through. If you have a large group, consider hiring a van or other roomy vehicle so everyone can stretch out in comfort as you travel between vineyards.

Sporting Events

If you are planning to attend a sports event, consider hiring a car and driver to make sure you get there and back safely. Whether it is cricket, horse racing, motorsports, or football, a chauffeured car means you won’t have to struggle with traffic, parking, or finding your car at the end of the event. Your driver can drop you off at the entrance gate and be there for you at the end of your event. You can even enjoy a few celebratory drinks during or after the event without worrying about who’s driving home.

Hire a Professional Driver

If you are planning any of these trips, make sure you hire a professional car service. Professional drivers treat their customers with courtesy and respect, which is incredibly important for business and personal trips. They add value to the experience of hiring a chauffeured car service with their knowledge of the area and high level of service.

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