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When hiring a chauffeur driven car for an upcoming occasion, most of us are keen to choose a vehicle that is a little bit more luxurious than the standard cars and taxis we spend so much of our everyday lives in.

For many people and on many occasions, this means hiring a stretch limousine that will bring both luxury and novelty - and will turn whatever is happening into a truly memorable occasion.

But often we find ourselves looking for a transport option that provides the same comfort and luxury as a stretch limousine, but in a rather subtler and more understated way. Certainly, arranging for a limousine to pick up a business partner from the airport can often seem somewhat ostentatious and unnecessary. It is on such occasions that town cars provide the perfectly balanced solution.

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Town cars are large, luxurious saloon cars that are usually seen as being one step down from stretch limousines in terms of opulence and grandeur. With a name that is owed to the Lincoln Town Car which first hit the roads in the US in 1981, the town car as a concept is all about presidential levels of prestige and sophistication.

In order to find high quality town car hire, Melbourne residents don’t have to look far: here at iChauffeur, we’re proud to provide the best and most prestigious chauffeur driven town cars at the most competitive prices available on the market.

Quality town cars perfect for any occasion

Whatever the occasion, town cars are never too extravagant but also never mediocre. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious wedding car or the perfect vehicle for transporting your corporate guests, town cars are the versatile solution that you can always rely on to impress those around you without seeming pretentious or overly showy.

And because here at iChauffeur we provide town cars in Melbourne that come with their own highly trained and experienced chauffeur, you can always be sure that everything will run smoothly and you and/or your friends, family, colleagues and customers will be in very capable hands.

Town car hire available across Melbourne

It doesn’t matter whether you need a short trip within the boundaries of the city or a longer excursion out into more remote parts of Victoria, the professional Melbourne chauffeurs at iChauffeur are always more than happy to transport you in style and comfort across Melbourne and the wider state.

If you’d like to know more about our town car services, your initial consultation will be entirely free, and comes with absolutely no obligation to place an order. So contact a member of the friendly iChauffeur team today, and discover for yourself how easy it is to hire a luxury town car in Melbourne.

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iChauffeur offers the best chauffeur car service in Melbourne. We offer hire cars with drivers for all events and occasions, such as corporate hire cars, private Yarra Vallry wine tours, classic wedding chauffuered cars, event vehicle hire, Melbourne airshow, concerts, Melbourne spring carnival and Melbourne airport transfers. Our fleet of vehicles includes luxury cars, Rolls Royce cars, elegant town cars and for the special occasions, an unbeatable Melbourne limousine service.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are Town Car services in Melbourne?

    Town Car services in Melbourne refer to a premium private car hire, offering a blend of luxury, comfort, and professionalism. These services typically utilise high-end sedans, such as executive models of Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, providing a luxurious alternative to standard taxis or rideshare options. Ideal for business travel, airport transfers, or special occasions, Town Car services in Melbourne emphasise punctuality, reliability, and discretion. With professional chauffeurs, passengers can expect a stress-free journey, enjoying the comfort of a luxury vehicle while travelling across the city or to surrounding areas.
  • Why should I choose a Town Car service for business travel in Melbourne?

    For business travel in Melbourne, Town Car services offer a perfect mix of reliability, efficiency, and elegance. These services provide a professional atmosphere conducive to making calls, preparing for meetings, or simply relaxing between appointments. The vehicles are typically equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, charging ports, and comfortable seating, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment. Chauffeurs are experienced, knowledgeable about the quickest and most efficient routes, and committed to maintaining a schedule, making them ideal for the time-sensitive nature of business travel.
  • How do Town Car services differ from standard taxi services in Melbourne?

    Town Car services in Melbourne differ from standard taxis in several key aspects. Town Cars offer a higher level of luxury, often featuring upscale vehicle models with superior interiors and amenities. These services prioritise customer experience, providing a more personalised and private journey. Additionally, Town Car chauffeurs are known for their professionalism, often wearing formal attire and demonstrating a higher level of courtesy and discretion. Unlike standard taxis, Town Car services typically require pre-booking, ensuring availability and allowing for a more tailored service to meet individual client needs.
  • How do I book and pay for a Town Car service in Melbourne?

    Booking a Town Car service in Melbourne is usually done through a service provider's website, mobile app, or phone call. These services often offer the convenience of advance booking, with the option to schedule a ride days or even weeks in advance. Payments are typically handled electronically, either at the time of booking or after the service is rendered. Many Town Car services offer fixed rates for certain journeys, such as airport transfers, providing clarity and predictability in pricing. Receipts are usually provided electronically for easy expense tracking, especially useful for business travellers.
  • Are Town Car services suitable for airport transfers in Melbourne?

    Town Car services are an excellent choice for airport transfers in Melbourne. They provide a seamless, comfortable, and efficient travel experience, ideal for both arrivals and departures. These services offer reliability, ensuring that you reach the airport on time for departures and are promptly picked up upon arrival. The spacious and luxurious interiors of Town Cars provide a relaxing environment, especially appreciated after a long flight. Additionally, chauffeurs handle luggage with care and are knowledgeable about the best routes to and from Melbourne's airports, making your journey stress-free.
  • Can I customise my Town Car service experience in Melbourne?

    Yes, many Town Car services in Melbourne offer customizable experiences to cater to individual preferences. This can include selecting specific vehicle models, requesting particular amenities like child seats or specific types of music, and arranging for special accommodations such as accessibility needs. For business travellers, customization can mean arranging for a quiet environment conducive to work. When booking, communicate your specific requirements or preferences to ensure the service meets your expectations. This level of personalization is part of what sets Town Car services apart, providing a tailored travel experience in Melbourne.

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