5 Tips to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable When Using a Chauffeur

Nothing says luxury and comfort like a personal chauffeur. That being said, many people decide not to hire a professional driver even on some of the most important days of their lives such as their wedding day or birthday. Well, some spoiling never hurts, so today we’ll be looking at why you can and should hire a chauffeur whenever necessary.

Things to Ask Your Chauffeur

Every serious chauffeur service offers what are considered as the bare necessities, so before you hire one of their drivers here are some things you must ask.

Does the Driver Have a Professional Licence and Insurance?

Safety is above all else. To ensure you can be safe and not sorry you must be sure that the driver is certified with a professional chauffeur license and that the company he works for has a great insurance plan. This may not sound very interesting to you but, based on the available car types and models such a service offers, their insurance is usually more than 2-3 million dollars.

What Are the Available Rides and Pricing?

With “rides” we are referring both to the available car models and the actual type of car (sedan, van, 4×4, etc.). The best chauffeur services offer a wide variety of cars, usually having a fleet mostly consisting of luxury brands like Rolls Royce, Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Bentley. The pricing depends on both how much time the client wants to hire the chauffeur for and on the type of vehicle. Be sure to ask about the available payment options too.

Ask for Credentials

Last but not least, you should ask for credentials. If the company is well known and has received positive reviews from big corporations and important people, then this would be a good indicator of the service’s high quality.

5 Tips to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

We’re sure you could think of a million different things to do as a co-driver in order to have a good time but what if you don’t have to pay any attention? What if your only priority is to relax and have fun? Here are five things you can do to make that boring ride a bit more enjoyable.

Have a Drink

Nothing says relax better than a bit of alcohol. You won’t be the one driving so, to be honest, why shouldn’t you have a drink? Modern chauffeur services offer a mini bar at the car’s salon (passenger’s row) so you can easily select your favourite drink and have a go at it.

Go Sightseeing

In case you won’t be spending the day alone, it would be a solid idea to pass the time with a loved one and what better way to do so other than going sightseeing around town? Your chauffeur will be happy to make stops wherever you want to so you can visit a landmark or just get some fresh air. If you are going to an important meeting, you may want to tell the driver to take a different route. A change of scenery is medicine to the soul and something to clear your head of stressful thoughts.

Watch a Movie

This specific point is targeted to those of you who are used to spending at least a couple of hours alongside their chauffeur. Those little monitors located behind the driver’s seat aren’t just small televisions. Usually, they are packed with movies so you can spend some time relaxing and not get bored by a very long and dull ride. In most cases, there will be a set of headphones attached to them so you can enjoy the movie without being interrupted by random noises. Plus, your driver will get some quiet as well.

Listen to an Audiobook

The majority of great businessmen and entrepreneurs are either writing their own books or listening to some written by others. Services like Amazon Kindle, Audible, and Scribd are all great choices with thousands of audiobooks ready to be enjoyed whenever you wish. Why an audiobook and not a real book? Well, have you ever tried to read while riding a car? It can get nauseating really fast!

Catch up to Other Things

You may not find it as enjoyable as our previous tips but there are many people out there who love what they do for a living. For them, working or even just checking and replying to their emails while riding in a car is a pleasant activity to pass the time. But it doesn’t have to be just about responding to emails; it can be anything else you enjoy doing. Listening to your favourite band, talking on the phone, and video-chatting are just three of the possible hundreds of things you could do to make the ride feel shorter.

Chauffeur Etiquette – Everything You Need to Know

A chauffeur’s job isn’t just about driving. There is a whole etiquette they must follow if they want to be considered the best at what they do.


Starting off, a chauffeur is usually obliged to wear a uniform or at least something considered formal, like a suit. Also, it’s very common for them to wear a low-key hat. Other accessories like cummerbunds, coloured ties, and handkerchiefs are all prohibited.


The most important aspect of being a chauffeur is driving. While on the road, the driver must remain focused on his job. Eating, drinking, talking on a phone, listening to the radio, or talking to the passengers (unless they initiate a conversation) are all strictly prohibited. The only time a chauffeur talks to his passenger while driving should be either to ask or inform them of something having to do with their route or to reply to a passenger’s question.


Both when picking up and dropping off the client, the chauffeur has to open the door and wait until the passenger is seated or has exited the car before they close the door for them. It might seem like the driver is giving his client the cold shoulder but this a sign of him doing his job and behaving properly. In special occasions such as a wedding day, the chauffeur may provide advice to the bride to avoid damaging her wedding dress or being uncomfortable.


It might seem like an utterly luxurious thing to do but with the passing of years, hiring a chauffeur has become much more affordable and ordinary than it once used to be. We strongly recommend you to get one whether it be for a single luxurious ride or an everyday route.

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