What can you expect from a luxury chauffeur car service?

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Chauffeur services, unlike the usual taxi services, might be what you need to attend a special event. The term “chauffeur” branched from the French word meaning ’to heat’ and was initially used to describe the old-age car and carriage drivers.

Chauffeurs were considered master drivers who were skilled at a mechanical level in operating their vehicles. Operating vintage vehicles as a chauffeur was considered a tedious task that required a high level of expertise.

Eventually, the term “chauffeur” evolved into modern-day usage, which is to refer to a person who operates a luxury car. Therefore, by chauffeur service, we often mean most services related to getting from one place to another in style and in one of the cars from a luxury fleet.

The benefits of a chauffeur service

The services you could expect from a chauffeur would be finer and much more business people-oriented than that of a taxi driver. Why so? By definition when you are booking a taxi you aren’t necessarily aware of the type, model, and condition of the car you are booking. You are making a gamble on its fit to the streets and you aren’t necessarily concerned about the aesthetics.

Oftentimes, taxis are great for time-savvy people whose goal is to get to one place from another be it for groceries, a casual visit to a friend’s, or the hospital. This is in contrast with a chauffeur service which is purposefully geared towards business people to whom the build, model, quality, and condition of the car they are traveling in is a priority. You can’t expect to get out of a raggedy car to a business meeting. A chauffeur service guarantees a pick from some of the high-end models like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Range Rover, and more.

Chauffeurs, being luxury transportation providers also guarantee quality condition with well-maintained interiors and polished exteriors. It comes with a guarantee of comfort, safety, and style.

A unique experience

There are several aspects to a chauffeur service that makes it great. These include getting a personalized quote, excellent communication, a wide range of cars to pick from, well-conducted drivers, and finally, a seamless ride.

The experienced panel of drivers are well-suited to deal with your concerns even if it’s just a tour around the city. They are very familiar with the best spots in the city to dine, the best locations for sightseeing and knowledge to navigate through the hustle and bustle of the streets of a busy city like Melbourne.

Chauffeurs are professionals at what they do. They conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the brand image of the organization or the individual they are working for. From their attire to how they handle themselves, these trained professionals are impeccable at the service they proudly offer.

Why book a chauffeur?

Chauffeurs are the companions for you on your way to a business meeting, a cruise around the city with a VIP, to drop by for a celebration, financial roadshows, on a visit to the airport, or to a wedding. They complement your style with their extensive training in driver etiquette and social awareness.

In addition, you can rely on a chauffeur for a vehicle in quality condition. Chauffeurs are highly concerned about customer safety, geography and traffic in the cities and have specialist knowledge of hotels, landmarks, and other city attractions.

Chauffeurs vs taxis- the final verdict.

What you get from a chauffeur service is much more than what you could expect from a taxi driver. To answer the question of whether it’s best to pick a taxi or a chauffeur, you will have to take a closer look at the purpose and price-value trade-off of the service you are being offered.

As stated before, a chauffeur would be the best pick for you if style and condition are important for your journey or at your destination. As far as cost is concerned, taxis, depending on the traffic intensity, charge an amount that varies and depends on the meters. On the other hand, Chauffeurs calculate prices ahead of the journey using a cloud-based reservation system and often offer multiple packages you could conveniently pick from.

Of course, it’s not a wonder that with the services they have to offer, chauffeurs will cost you higher than a taxi. This is a reflection of the expensive cars, high-tier drivers, and other small extras and supplementary services you would be offered.

All this boils down to the purpose of your trip. Stuck in heavy rain and want to get home as quickly as possible? You should probably get the next taxi you can lay your eyes on. Having to go to the airport, a special event, a business meeting, or even a date? You should check out what chauffeurs have to offer.


Not all drivers are chauffeurs. Chauffeurs can be considered masters at their job. Expect a remarkable combo of personal and professional skills paired with a quality ride that caters to your clientele when making your booking with a chauffeur. Just like their personal appearance, chauffeurs bring to you the best-looking vehicles.

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