Top sites to visit in Melbourne in 2022

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Being in the city of Melbourne, either as a citizen or a tourist, you can’t stand to lose the rich experience and multicultural environment of Melbourne- the bustling streets, the historical nuances, the magnificent Victorian buildings and skyscrapers.

Melbourne, being one of the most liveable cities in the world, is home to a variety of architecture, culture, infrastructure, and heritage. You will never run out of things that could excite you during your time in the city.

Join us in this list of some of the top spots in the city of Melbourne, from the heritage tram cars through the city, through lush greenery, the avenues lined with trees, and explore the rich architecture, skyscrapers, diverse galleries, cafes, and more. Here’s a list of our favourite tourist sites in Melbourne;

1. Royal Botanical Gardens

In the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District (CBD) lies the Royal Botanical Gardens capturing the hearts of hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Since its establishment in 1846, the Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne has become one of the world’s lushest and well-maintained botanical gardens. Spreading across Melbourne and Cranbourne, the garden lies adjacent to the Yarra River, yet another magnificent sight in the city.

The calm surrounding, accompanied by the glistening lake, is both excellent for a weekend picnic or an occasional stroll to relax your mind. In addition, you can explore the intricacies of the paradise, including the aboriginal heritage walk, which walks you through the historical significance of the Kulin nation, one of the indigenous groups that reside in Australia.

Brace yourself for more events, talks, and workshops, especially in summer when there are late-night live cinema experiences.

Known for its cultural diversity, the National Gallery of Victoria stands in the heart of Melbourne. The gallery holds today’s most significant art collection, accenting the region’s rich culture. It’s also the most visited art gallery in Australia, especially as a result of being the oldest gallery in Australia open to the public.

Take a walk through the aisles of the gallery, across 70,000+ pieces of artwork from around the globe. The international collection from parts of Asia, Europe and America is mainly contained within the St. Kilda Road building, an extension of the gallery itself. This building is also known for its stained-glass ceiling. Visitors are often seen lying, gazing at the beauty of the work.

The National Gallery of Victoria hosts many events annually, including exhibitions, programs for children, tours, performances, and other special events.

3. Federation Square

The centre of the most vibrant world-class events is the Federation Square in Melbourne. Located at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders streets, the architectural building lies towards the periphery of Melbourne CBD.

The architecture of the building has split the visitors in opinion, with some admiring the intricate architecture and others not so excited about it. However, it holds hundreds of exciting events throughout the year. With all the hustle and bustle, the events, talks, concerts, and activities, it has become one of the most popular sights in Melbourne for visitors and even for general meetups.

4. Eureka Tower

Around the world, every city has its own iconic skyscraper, like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or Big Ben in London. In Melbourne, the title goes to the Eureka tower. Climb up this towering building to experience the city’s magnificence all at once. The building has a gold rush theme reflective of the 1854 rebellion of the prospectors in the victorian goldfields. The building has a crown of gold and gold-plated windows that shine against the sun’s light.

It stands in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne and is an adrenaline-filled experience for anyone deciding to climb to its top. At the top of the tower is a deck of glass that extends around three meters from the 88th floor of the building. This glass deck is specially designed and accompanied by noises of glass crackling to scare you on the ascent. The view at the top is a sight you shouldn’t miss during your time in Melbourne.

5. The Royal Exhibition Building

The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne was the first building in Australia to be listed on the UNESCO Heritage List. The building is a spectacle considering its architecture and fascinating history.

With a facade of fountains and pathways lined with trees, the Royal Exhibition Building is one of the oldest remaining exhibition pavilions. The building has a distinct, grand and distinguished architecture and an aesthetic interior. If you are a photographer looking for sites in the city to reflect the historical nuances, this should be your #1 spot.

The spectacular exhibition building previously held the first commonwealth parliament of Australia and is now used for exhibitions, special events, and even for exams for institutes like the Melbourne University, RMIT, and Melbourne High School!

6. The Yarra River

Enjoy a relaxing tour of the city’s top sights while you take a cruise along the historical Yarra River. If you are touring Melbourne, a cruise on the Yarra River is a fun way to sort out your whereabouts in the city ahead of exploring the streets of Melbourne.

The tour should take you across some of the sights on this list, and you should come across the waterfront parkland, Birrarung Marr. This parkland is a commemoration of the long-lasting connection the aborigines have with the Yarra River.

You can get a cruise in one of the guided Kayaks between Melbourne Park and Victoria Harbour. Absorb the sun rays by dusk or explore the river backlit by the night lights and experience the city’s skyline from an entirely new perspective.

7. The Melbourne Museum

Go back in time to the rich history of Melbourne city at the Melbourne Museum right opposite the Royal Exhibition Building. Explore a variety of gloriously themed displays, IMAX cinemas, interactive sections, postmodern art, and more in the Melbourne Museum.

Keep an eye out for the infamous Phar Lap’s mounted hide in the Museum, the world-renowned racehorse of Australia, standing majestically amid other permanent galleries, pieces of information about the history of mental health treatments, and more during your visit to the museum.

Museums have a reputation for being boring, but the Melbourne Museum wouldn’t disappoint! It even has a children’s gallery to keep your kids engaged during your visit. Take a walk in the simulated world of life-sized dinosaurs, and immerse yourself in the vibrant lush of the area.

8. The City Circle Tram Car

What’s a visit to Melbourne without going on a ride in the City Circle Tram car? It takes you around the city, exploring the beautiful sights in the heart of Melbourne. So hop overboard the City Circle Tram for a full tour of the Central Business District and the Docklands.

Need a tour guide? No, the ride comes with a commentary explaining the heritage of the tram, the buildings, and the city itself. The trams pass by some historical buildings like the parliament house, the Princess Theatre, the old treasury building, and the Windsor Hotel. You can even hop off at Federation Square if needed. You won’t have to worry about missing this ride, because you can catch a tram every 12 minutes. The entire tour would take you a little less than an hour.

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