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When considering a chauffeur service, you often come across names of luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz S Class, Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Porsche Cayenne. Be it for business purposes or pleasure, making an informed decision when picking a car that suits your needs is critical. Depending on your liking and requirements one car might serve your purpose better than another. Every so often we might need a luxury car to navigate through the city. Whether you are in town for a business event or you are just exploring the city at your leisure, you will surely find a customizable package from our chauffeur services that cater to your needs. To ensure that the chauffeur service you are paying for meets your liking and requirements, you need to be familiar with the options you are being offered. We’ve put together some of the swankiest chauffeur-driven cars we offer at iChauffeur Melbourne. Sit back and acquaint yourself with the best of our fleet including some of the most luxurious cars in the city.

Mercedes-Benz S Class

The Mercedes-Benz S class is a client-favourite series of full-size luxury vehicles produced by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. With the name being a branch of the German term “Sonderklasse” meaning “special class”, the car is as special as it can be.

Among other chauffeur-driven cars, the Mercedez-Benz’s S Class is a popular pick among people who make use of our services. The S class is known for its safety standards, interior features, and technology. Available in sedan and coupe body styles, these are some of the most advanced high-tech vehicles on the market, with features like adaptive cruise control, night vision and active suspension. They might also have features like massage settings, calf support, heel rest and more to ensure a comfortable ride. 2021 brought a new beginning to the S class with the launch of the 7th generation. It continues to be one of the top contenders in the luxury car market.

Audi A8 L

Audi’s standard A8 offers plenty of features for passengers like completely electric door handles, active suspension, full leather interior, privacy glasses, and a 3d camera view. It also offers other ingenious perks like Audi Connect, which makes your car a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, and 22 rear seating adjustments with massage and heating functions.

It is one of the most popular chauffeur vehicles in Australia. It is considered one of the most technologically advanced Audi vehicles, with features like side-impact protection that raises the vehicle to make sure the strongest part of the body makes contact with any on-coming danger from either side of the vehicle.

The rear passenger experience is also upgraded from its predecessors with multiple features like better lighting, wireless charging, touch pad systems and more. If the standard A8 feels a bit compact (which we doubt it would) consider opting for the “king-sized” counterpart of the vehicle, the Audi A8 L Extended, a nearly 21-foot long version.

Rolls-Royce Phantoms

Up next on our list is the competent and exquisite chauffeur car, Rolls-Royce’s Phantom. Its specialty is that each car is exclusively hand-made, and comes with a space-age aluminium body, the finest leather and woodwork.

It easily makes it to the top of many lists of best chauffeur cars and is prestigious to own. Customization is the cherry on the cake, with countless unlimited extras and upgrades you can opt for.


Based in the United Kingdom, Bentley manufactures some of the best luxury cars to exist. These cars are known for their luxurious feel and design and their powerful engines. Bentley’s flagship car, the Continental GT is a grand tourer introduced in 2003. It is a two-door luxury car available both as a coupe and a convertible. It’s especially known for its powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Bentley’s other popular models include the Turbo-R, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne. First introduced in 2010, the Bentley Mulsanne is a full-size luxury sedan available both in standard and extended wheelbases. Just like the Continental GT, Bentley Mulsanne is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine.


Easily identified by its signature looks and characteristics, BMW makes a highly competitive contender in this list. It has multiple models, the 7-series, M5 and X5 being some of the most popular models.

The BMW X5 is a medium-sized luxury vehicle that has been in the limelight since its debut back in 1999 as the E53 model. It has a finely trimmed interior allowing a comfortable and luxurious experience for passengers in the first and second-row seats. It also comes with a user-friendly infotainment system, adding to the high-tech vibe of the car.

Porsche Cayenne

Porshe’s Cayenne model range offers some of the most sleek-looking luxury cars with intense performance and precise dynamics. A ride on a Porsche Cayenne would get you swooning over the vehicle.

These cars come with a variety of features like special e-driving modes, charging features, e-hybrid models and more. Porsche’s manufacturers also offer a range of personalisation options to fine-tune the interior and exterior based on your personal preference.


Finding what suits your needs based on your preferences ensures that your ride matches your style. These cars are some of the top luxury vehicles that would ensure you have a ride in style, regardless of whether it is for business or fun. Not only do we offer an impressive fleet of chauffeur driven luxury cars, we also provide impeccable service that is sure to impress you.

If you would like to know more about the other luxury cars we have to offer that did not make it to this list, check our fleet composed of a variety of chauffeur driven luxury vehicles.

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