Tips For a Perfect Wedding Car Ride

Published on by  Maddy K

Just like anything else on your wedding day, you would want moving around and transporting people to and from the ceremony done perfectly as well. Hiring a wedding car has got more to it than just picking your favourite car from a catalogue. In this post, we have some tips for you to make sure that your wedding car and travelling around on your wedding day goes according to plan.

Any married couple would tell you that picking a chauffeur wedding car hire service is the way to go if you want reliability, safety, class and comfort. Regardless of whether you might want to go for an ultra-modern luxury top-tier car or a vintage one, chauffeur services have multiple options to offer. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure a perfect ride:

- Book on Time

Most wedding car hire services have an exhaustive collection of a variety of cars to offer, and sometimes you might even get by placing a late booking. However, in the excitement of a big day coming up, things like booking the perfect car for the ride might be overlooked.

The best lot in the wedding car hire services will often be booked before your big day draws too close. This is why it’s always safer and usually a good idea to book at least a few months in advance to ensure that you get to prioritise your preferences. It is also recommended that you check the car beforehand to be prepared for what’s to come.

- Be on Time

Usually it’s a common practice for the bride to arrive late to the ceremony, but it’s much much better to be there a little ahead of time, so you get a moment to pose for some photos and gather yourself up before the proceedings begin.

It’s also a good way to make sure that things go according to plan. It’s your big day and you can’t keep your groom waiting!

- Consider Space

Space is an important factor to consider when you are booking a wedding car. Other than the car for the wedded couple, you could go for a stretch limo to transport the entire bridal party together.

A rule of thumb is to have at least an extra seat than the number of people you are planning to transport. That way you can ensure that it doesn’t end up being an uncomfortable ride to anyone in the vehicle. Just be sure to have all the snacks and celebratory drinks packed to ensure that the crowd arrives at the location together in high elation and excitement.

- Go for a Chauffeur Service

For a perfect pickup and drop off, chauffeur wedding car hire services are something you can count on. Professional chauffeurs are trained to drive safely and deal with the passengers with a professional and classy demeanour. They will also be familiar with local roads, so they won’t get lost. Look for a chauffeur service that provides excellent service for the price you pay. You should feel comfortable asking questions, and you should be confident that they will answer honestly. If you happen to reside within Melbourne, you can opt for our wedding car hire service at iChauffeur Melbourne without any second thoughts and feel the difference!

- Pick the Car of Your Choice

You might already have something in your mind as to the type and model of the car you are planning to go for. If you are planning to go vintage, pick one that means something to you. Perhaps it’s the groom’s favourite car, or perhaps it’s a car that was popular during the time you were born.

Whatever your choice is, be sure to make the booking in person ahead of time to ensure that the car of your dreams arrives at your wedding without any hassle.

As a bonus tip, we encourage you to have the car as your backdrop in some of your wedding photos. With the right photographer, limos and vintage cars can be a spectacle in your romantic couple photos and family photos. Be sure to capture the best moments of your big day to revisit in the years to come.

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